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Carmen and Jerry have been happily married for 13 years and have a blended family of 6 children and 7 grandchildren. Carmen is a yoga teacher, massage therapist and an ordained minister (Universal Life Church). She has been studying and practicing Tantra for more than three decades. She has been a certified Tantra teacher since 1999. Jerry has been studying and practicing Tantra for more than three decades. He has always assisted Carmen in her Tantra classes.

Carmen and Jerry provide a safe and nurturing environment for Tantra study. Their Tantra classes are playful and joyful.

Why We Decided to Offer Tantra Workshops


Spontaneous Tantric Awakening

As a young women I accidentally landed on a yoga show, Lilias Yoga and You on KERA. At the beginning of her show, she was shown performing a sun salutation. I popped on the rug and monkeyed her. I immediately noticed that though I was able to get through the sun salutation this woman who was probably a decade and half ahead of me in years, had a flexibility that was truly amazing. My interest was piqued and I began tuning into her show regularly and executing the poses to the best of my ability.

I decided it was time to find a yoga class. My first teacher realized immediately that I had already been practicing and she guided me with compassion and kindness. She informed me that I had been blessed with progress and those who are blessed with progress are obligated to teach.

I studied and practiced every available style of yoga with every available teacher. After ten solid and persistent years of practicing asana, pranayama and meditation I experienced a spontaneous tantric awakening.

My husband at the time was not a practitioner but my awakening benefitted our sex life immensely. I know from personal experience that a sexual relationship can be most positively affected if only one partner is skilled in the tantric techniques.

My first marriage finally imploded (those pesky irreconcilable difference) and I was finally free to pursue a Tantra partner.

I have been a certified Tantra instructor since 1999. I met and fell in love with Jerry in 2000 and we were married within six months. And yes, if both partners are skilled in the art of sacred sexuality then energy and intimacy that can be generated is indeed limitless.

Once again, I have been blessed with progress and I want to help other people in the self-discovery process of Tantra.


Tantric High Priestess

As a young man I was blessed to stumble into a sexual relationship with a women skilled in the art of sacred sex. She was aware that I was younger than she was and become my compassionate paramour and taught me tantric techniques. This when on for a while and was of mutual benefit and enjoyment for us both. When she found out that I was only 16 she immediately broke things off. She had been led to believe that I was a consenting adult.

I went on with my life and weaved myself a tangled web of poor decisions and a couple of toxic marriages.

When Carmen and I met in 2000 we were both divorced and struggling to raise our children alone. Both of us had our noses to the grindstone with parenting as our top priority. We had children whose needs came before our own desires.

We met during the summer when our children were enjoying an extended visit with their respective noncustodial parents. Those summer weeks flew by quickly and when it was time for the return of our children we knew that the time had come to blend our families. Our loving and healthy relationship has led to a loving, committed marriage.

Blended families invariably lead to challenges and we have met them together and head on. At last all of our children are high school graduates and adults. We have the desire and ability to put ourselves first and enjoy the fruits of our long term tantric relationship. It is with great joy that we encourage other people as they find their way along the path of Tantra as a lifestyle.